The band then win themselves the coveted Christchurch slot for the Shihad tour. The band enlist the services of London-based Marc Swadel, veteran of many NZ video clips, to come over and film the video.

The band then release their debut E.P. and video, selling all the copies they had at their release party, and continue to work on their forthcoming album.

“Rotate” is submitted to NZ On Air and immediately gains a position on Indie Hit Disc 21 and spends 2 weeks being Generator FM’s most requested song. The Rock and Channel Z also come to the party, playing the more retro rockin’ tracks off the E.P.

The band continue with high profile supports, including Elemeno P and Blindspott, and also appear on TV 2’s Space. The band were also incredibly surprised one night after drinking Canterbury Draught in the practice room. A new local knowledge question under the bottle top asks “Which Christchurch based band released the Rotate E.P. in 2002?”

Great headliners and supports keep coming, including Tadpole, Zed, PanAm, Eight and Tadpole, and Australian bands Grinspoon, Shutterspeed and Screamfeeder. An article in Rip It Up gives the band a glowing review for the Rotate E.P., stating it “would be a hard debut for any band to follow”.

Hooster start 2004 off nicely with an internet competition giving bands a chance to play at the Big Day Out. All the winning band has to do is obtain the most votes. Hooster put out the word to their people and win the competition over hundreds of other bands with an excess of 3500 votes.

After appearances on C-4 and TV3, and numerous write ups, the band open the Big Day Out to a responsive audience. The band enjoy the rest of the day, with one band member rumored to have chatted up Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. So infamous was this story the guilty member returned to C-4 for a second interview on “Homegrown”. The band also open the Rock’s “Big Day After” party at the King’s Arms.

After appearing on TV 2’s “National Anthem”, the band release the Rotate album to rave reviews. The second video single off the album, “Throw”, is produced by local movie stalwart Aden Shillito, and receives play on C-4 and Juice.

2005 provides even more high profile supports with Gramsci, Autozamm and Eight. Renewed interest in the Song "Rotate" is apparent after appearing on the "Keeping Secrets" Christchurch compilation.


"Rotate" is now a signature tune on XSTV, and is regularly played on Kiwi FM. Hooster plan to take this song and the album to the masses!