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Hooster is proud to present their debut album, Rotate.

Rotate contains 10 slices of finely crafted rock following up on the success of Hooster’s first single, “Lucy”. The Album includes indie rock radio favourite “Rotate”, new single “Throw” and other pop-tastic cuts to boot.

Hooster are the up-and -coming future of Kiwi rock. The big sweeping guitars and thrashing drums will stick in your head” - Dan Morrow, Rip It Up

“The length of time they’ve been doing it shines through, as the song writing is pretty damn polished.... with these kinds of songs it surely won’t be too long before further successes come Hooster’s way”- Gavin Bertram, Real Groove

“Nicely put together, this is a debut to be pleased about”- Claire Nelson, NZ Musician

Since their inception in 1998 three piece Christchurch rock band Hooster have had more than their share of exciting moments.

Hooster's first batch of demo songs were recorded by Failsafe boss Rob Mayes. With these recordings the band enter every demo competition known to man. Before they knew it the band had won the Edge’s best song competition, bestowing on them the privilege to share stages with the likes of Garageland and Killing Heidi. Another result quickly followed; the band “wins” a NZ On Air Recording Grant for their song “Lucy”.

The resulting recording satisfies the bands need for something a little more solid and powerful, and the track was included on Indie Hit Disc 18. The track also won the band a weeks high rotate on Channel Z as the first band on “Unsigned”, a segment for up and coming NZ artists.

The band finds further success with a More FM demo competition for their track “JFK”, winning the band studio time to record the song to single standard.

This track is included on the bands Rotate E.P., along with the NZ On Air version of “Lucy”, live favourite “Blowtorch”, and the bands new favourite track “Rotate”. This song was from sessions recorded at a disused meat packing factory for that big natural reverb sound.


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